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Feel Good Without Drugs or Surgery: Classical Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Lifestyle Medicine
What To Expect

Your Initial Visit: Awareness is the Key to Change
A 90-minute initial consultation ensures that I am able to properly assess the factors affecting your health/causing illness and offer effective treatments for you to achieve your short- and long-term health goals. If an acupuncture or movement treatment is desired, we can do that if time allows once I've made a diagnosis.

Treatment Options to Suit Your Needs
Once we have created a treatment plan from your initial consultation, you may add a return visit and select the amount of time you need:

Frequent treatments yield fast and lasting results for acute injury or musculoskeletal issues. This is why I recommend choosing a 30-minute treatment once or twice a week for physical pain. Most acute pain can usually be resolved within 1-3 treatments plus self-care.

The 45-60-minute consultation and treatment is ideal if you need at least fifteen minutes to check in before your treatment. This appointment is suitable if you have not had an appointment in the past week, or if you are working to resolve a chronic condition, build and maintain health at a more organic pace, or for prevention.

If you need more time, often I am able to offer an additional fifteen minutes. Please see my booking page for fees.

Within your scheduled visit, you can choose from:
Food and Lifestyle Coaching— I am a firm believer in the old Chinese Proverb, "You plant that kind of seed, you nourish that kind of root, you'll harvest that kind of fruit." Foods and flavors can support your short-term goals and enhance your overall good health. In addition to diet, we'll discuss lifestyle strategies (read on) that you can embrace over time to reach your current and long-term objectives.

Acupuncture and Related Techniques— People want to know: How does acupuncture work? What does it do? Western medicine is based on structure— focusing on the relationship of cells, tissues and biochemicals. Eastern medicine focuses on the energy that animates our bodies throughout our lives. Energy—its qualities, amount and flow—is what determines how easily and efficiently an organ functions or a joint moves. It affects our temperature and metabolism, spirit and mental state.

According to Eastern medicine theory, we each have our own personal "world-wide web" where information that affects our physical and mental functions travels in and around us as electromagnetic energy. The invisible pathways where this energy travels are called the energy meridians. Acupuncture—placing metal needles on or into specific points of reduced electrical resistance along those meridians—helps to conduct energy that is blocked or to strengthen weak energy. Every organ has its own energy meridians. Even our genetics can be influenced by specific energy pathways. In this way, acupuncture helps to regulate organ and gland function, affects our constitution, benefits all physiologic systems, promotes circulation, supports mental/emotional health, and relieves pain.

My treatments are as versatile, subtle and elegant as possible. Adjunct treatments include direct, semi-direct and indirect moxibustion; cupping; gua sha; therapeutic bleeding (drops, not pints); movement; massage and plumblossom.

Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils—Throughout history, humans have used plants to treat all kinds of illnesses. Eastern medicine uses a sophisticated and time-tested model of herbal medicine for healthcare. The medicinal action of herbs is rooted in their chemical constituents and energetic nature, which can be understood through the herb's anatomy, environment, flavor, thermal nature, the the organs it enters (e.g. cinnamon twig is spicy, sweet and warm, goes to the heart and lungs. It affects circulation in the limbs, benefits the heart, counteracts cold, and supports the immune system). Today, about 40 percent of our pharmaceutical prescription medicines come from plant extracts or synthesized plant compounds. Plant medicines come in many forms—tea, pills, granules, powders and tinctures. I work closely with you to incorporate herbs that address your specific health issues and promote wellbeing. Essential oils, also derived from plants, provide powerful medicine and can be easily applied topically or internally at home as a daily remedy.

Moxibustion— Applying heat above or on the skin by burning mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, creates warmth that improves organ function and supports circulation of blood, fluids, and energy.

Movement and Breathing— Helping you rediscover physical and emotional freedom through movement is integral to our work together. To help you live with greater ease, I teach and encourage you to incorporate movement, breathing, and imagery practices into your daily life. The main forms of movement you'll do at home include Dao Yin Therapeutic Exercise, yoga. If another form of movement therapy seems useful, I may refer you to a movement specialist outside of Chinese medicine.

Mindfulness Practices— Modern science tells us that when we look deeply, beyond the physical, everything is made of energy. This is true for illness too. When you understand what your energy is doing and are clear on how you'd like to change it, healing yourself becomes possible. Daily meditation and visualization are powerful tools for engaging your mind to affect your energy to heal yourself.

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