Margot Rossi, M.Ac., Licensed  Acupuncturist—Comprehensive Healthcare —Medical Counseling

Living a Fulfilling Life
All of us want to be happy. Along life's path we all encounter what seem like obstructions to or diversions from that happiness. Sometimes the obstructions seem recurring or chronic; some manifest as pain or illness. One gift of my practice in Eastern medicine is it gives you the option to experience those seeming road blocks as ways to get your attention and dig deeper to the root of what is truly essential in your life. The medicine then offers tools and strategies to cultivate a life of deep satisfaction and meaning. Good health, vitality and feeling at ease are the benefits of this medicine. To make an appointment or for more information on my services, click here or call 828-536-9030.

When the wind of change blows, some build walls while others build windmills. This Chinese proverb gives us a special view into an important philosophy of this medicine: Whatever health issue you are facing, you can try to block, ignore or eradicate it, or you can work with it to promote your wellbeing. If you wish to build a windmill, you are in the right place.

You Are Your Best Medicine
All of us possess the inherent ability and deep intelligence to heal. The focus and strength of Eastern medicine is to engage your unique healing abilities, your internal pharmacy, your capacity to be well. Awareness is the catalyst to change and gaining awareness is the focus of your initial visit.

My job is to support you through my extensive formal education, wisdom, and clinical and family-care experience of over twenty five years using Eastern medicine. My comprehensive approach helps you cultivate beneficial habits, build your resources and change your health. I practice Meridian Therapy and Classical Chinese Medicine, particularly the Five Channel System as taught by Jeffrey Yuen. Your job is to apply the strategies as best you can and notice what you experience from your commitment.

Medical Counseling: How Informed Is Your Informed Consent?
If you are weighing healthcare options for your health concern, medical counseling will be a valuable aid. Your medical doctor may not have the knowledge you need as you consider alternatives to pharmaceuticals, surgeries or other invasive procedures. My extensive education and experience in a variety of physical therapies, Western and Eastern medicines, and other complementary and alternative medicines give you a critical advantage when making health care choices. From the start, you'll get an overview of healthcare options, recommendations, and referrals for what might serve you best. If you decide to proceed with surgery or pharmaceuticals, you'll receive a list of specific questions for your doctor and coaching so you won't get caught with unexpected complications or side effects.

What Makes The Difference?
Whether you want treatment for acute or chronic conditions, preventive care, or guidance, you have discovered one of our area's most experienced and versatile healthcare providers. Come feel the difference that lifestyle, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other natural therapies make toward building energy and quality of life, and maintaining wellbeing.Hear what my patients are saying about their experience of my comprehensive scope of practice including:

Food Therapy
Therapeutic Movement
Mindfulness Practices
Lifestyle Strategies
Medicinal Essential Oils
Massage (Thai Yoga or acupressure)
Botanical Medicine*

Location, Location, Location
My main office is in the beautiful South Toe Valley at The Celo Health Center,116 Seven Mile Ridge Road, Burnsville, NC. Click here to make an appointment or call 828-536-9030. I am available world-wide for consultation via email or video/audio call. See my booking site to book a tele-consultation.

Why You Are Here
You wish to reclaim feeling good and want to improve your health. I am here to support you on your journey. An extraordinary experience awaits you. Make an appointment. You'll be so happy you did!

* Counseling and botanical medicine are based on Eastern Medicine principles