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What You're Offered

My Asian Medicine practice is all about cultivating well-being
Partnering for health is like getting together and cultivating a garden where all things good and nourishing can manifest. To begin, we build fertile ground and secure boundaries. It's important to know that no matter what your life experience, here you have a safe space where you can confidently explore and imagine what you'd like to have happen. We'll plant some seeds, water roots, offer plenty of light, and see what flourishes.

Tilling and nourishing the ground of our attention
We start with the simple question, "And where would you like to begin?" Through conscious communication, curiosity, attention and a light-heart, the insights that unfold from our conversation may surprise and inspire you. In fact, many patients discover that our conversation can be the most impactful part of our time together.

Through the lens of Asian medicine, you may get a refreshing point of view of what brought you to the practice. You might discover your concern is actually a resource and an invitation for positive change. We'll explore treatment options and lifestyle practices that resonate with you, trusting they'll help you realize your short- and long-term health and life goals.

Companion Gardening
The green-thumb gardeners understand the benefit of planting plants that support each other, next to each other. Working as a team, we explore what treatment options could suit you best. Whether online or in office, you get my full attention and expertise plus the guidance and encouragement to put it into best practice for a lifetime.

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Within your scheduled visit, you can choose from:

Medical Counseling
Trying to arrive at the medical decision that is best for you can be challenging and confusion. There are a lot of options to sort through and sometimes there's an urgency to make a decision. No worries, you've got an ally. We'll review options and ways to optimize your well-being no matter your choice.

Mindful-Awareness Practices for Body-Mind Integration
Mindfulness has become the central focus in my practice for good reason. Your mind and body affect each other. We'll explore a variety of simple yet powerful practices that restore harmony between mind and body. When integrated, you have the key to good health.

Movement and Breathing
While there are many causes for pain and illness, most degeneration and dysfunction occur because of the way we habitually use and treat our body and mind. Stress, your physical and emotional environment, your personality and activities all play a role in creating your habitual posture and movements. Mindful movement and breath therapy plays a vital role in bringing attention to how you use the body and mind, and offers new possibilities and choices for you to shift your wellbeing.

Food and Lifestyle Coaching
I am a firm believer in the old Chinese Proverb, "You plant that kind of seed, you nourish that kind of root, you'll harvest that kind of fruit."
We'll explore diet and lifestyle choices that can play a critical role in your mental and physical health for long-term health.

Acupuncture and Related Techniques— People want to know: How does acupuncture work? What does it do? Just as physics and chemistry are based on energy dynamics, Asian medicine focuses on the energy that powers our bodies. That energy determines how easily and efficiently an organ functions or a joint moves. We use acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, acupressure and other techniques to work with your energy to regulate and restore proper function, promote circulation, support mental/emotional health, and relieve pain and tension. With my guidance, you can do many of these practices for yourself.

Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils
Throughout history, humans have used plants, minerals and animal products to treat illnesses. Asian medicine practitioners and patients have long-recognized the value of herbal medicines to address both the symptoms and root causes of health issues. To get maximum benefit from your formula, not only will you have a prescription, you'll understand the actions of the herbs and how best to use them at home.

A note on healthcare for Infants, Children and Teens
Kids love coming to my office. I engage them respectfully and playfully in conversation about what they are experiencing. I offer metaphors and stories based on nature which help kids understand more about how they are feeling and what we can do to help them feel better. This conversation helps them feel at ease and empowered. Just as with adults, when children understand their health, their anxiety dissipates and their motivation builds as they discover there's a lot they can do to feel better.

Welcome to the practice.
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