Teach a person to fish, they'll eat for a lifetime.

 Championing alternative medicine, healthy lifestyles, natural self-care
Educating Body, Mind and Spirit

Providing information that empowers you to be independently healthy is an essential part of my mission.

Private and Public Health Education Resource
Education is a foundational part of our face-to-face wellness visits— virtual or in person. For our greater community, I offer grant-funded health education classes, such as my current health education initiative Home Remedies: Community Options Addressing Pain and Stress.

Through either venue, I invite you to join in and learn how natural medicine and self-care skills prevent health issues and enable you to look and feel better.
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Classes for Practitioners
Stoke your passion for whatever medicine you practice and boost health outcomes for your patients!
I am partnering with Qiological Podcast and Nick Pole to bring you Communicating with Qi, a four-week,live online class that will help you cultivate an impactful patient-practitioner relationship. Check it out!

Mindfulness and Movement Classes
Are you ready to give yourself and the world the best you have to offer? Discover a sense of fulfillment and authenticity through the synergy of mindfulness, movement, breathing, and meditation. These lessons and practices will open your mind, build and fine tune your energy, and make your body a temple for purpose, prosperity, pleasure, and freedom.
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Upcoming Extraordinary Offerings
Six-Day Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy, 2021! I'm having a ton of fun working on this one. Please let me know if you are interested!

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