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 Championing alternative medicine, healthy lifestyles, natural self-care
Health Education—Body, Mind and Spirit

Providing information that empowers you to be independently healthy is an essential part of my mission.
I believe that my key role is that of an educator. When we understand something and get tools and skills, we get empowered. Making your life experience meaningful and valuable is the best motivator for behavioral changes that will improve your health now and maintain it for the future. Welcome to the practice!

Education is a foundational part of your initial consultation in my private practice. For our greater community, I offer alternative medicine perspectives through grant-funded | or direct-pay health education classes. I invite you to join in and learn how natural medicine and self-care skills prevent health issues and enable you to look and feel better. I'm super excited to be the Program Director for Home Remedies: Community Options Addressing Pain and Stress, an innovative initiative supported by local non-profit healthcare agencies.

When you visit the Yancey or Mitchell County Public Library, you will find dozens of insightful and reliable texts on health care I've vetted and donated with the help of generous sponsors through Possibilities of Wellbeing, a health resource I co-founded from 2011-2016; just look for the Donated by Possibilities of Wellbeing bookplate.

Make an appointment and talk about any health issue. For more information on my services, click here or call 828-536-9030.