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Freedom to Be Yourself and Do What You Love
The art of mindful movement—simply noticing our experience of sensations, thoughts and emotions as we move—is proven to help us in surprising ways: We can move more freely. We can face life's challenges with grace, clarity and integrity. We can problem solve better. We can be creative. We can see numerous possibilities. Exploring movement with curiosity and attention will help improve and maintain your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Benefits of Movement, Mindfulness and Massage are Included in Your Visit!
Breathing, guided imagery, massage, yoga, Dao Yin and mindfulness are excellent movement therapies for noticing your feelings and thoughts; relieving pain; reducing stress; building flexibility, strength and energy; improving organ function and circulation. Your treatment plan could easily be a few movement practices. Skeptical? You may want to read enthusiastic testimonials.

Movement Classes—Re-discovering Your Freedom of Expression
Click here for a listing of current movement classes. For over twenty years I've taught Hatha. Since 2016, I've been offering Dao Yin Exercises and Kundalini yoga classes. My passion in Dao Yin and yoga is purely spiritual; to me, movement is an engaging way to be mindful and meditative. It helps us recognize and connect to a power greater than ourselves. Side benefits include strengthening and toning the body while creating flexibility and endurance, and promoting a natural high.

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I am available for private movement sessions as well as group practice. Celebrations through yoga are a favorite way to build community!

My Mindfulness and Movement Training
I have been a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, practicing yoga since 1986 and instructing since 1995. Here are some folks I've studied with:
Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, Dr. Michael Gladych, Dr. Jean Klein, Jai Dev Singh, Michael Sitzer and Treya Marie Forlenza. Since 2006, I've trained in Dao Yin Therapeutic Exercises with my teacher Master Jeffrey Yuen. I am certified in Thai Yoga Massage.
In 2016 I completed the Mindful Educators Essentials course through Mindfulschools.org.
In 2017 I completed my month-long Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga through Spirit Voyage and am a member of Jai Dev Singh's Life-force Academy.

I love movement and mindfulness so much, I'm writing a book about them! Let me know if you'd like publication updates or to pre-order a copy.

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*Mindfulness is a practice where you consciously direct your attention to your current experience, like sensations in the body.