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Quote of this Season:
Margot, I'm so grateful. I'm getting really good at figuring out what's going on with my body...and what I can do about it.—L.F

Welcome! I'm so glad you found your way here
These times are full of potential and possibility to learn and practice new skills that foster our personal and collective well-being. My objective as an Asian medicine physician is to support you in discovering how best you can tap into your internal resources and discover new pathways to cultivate and maintain well-being. I trust the practices and benefits can positively impact you and those around you, for a lifetime.

What are you looking for?
If you are looking to take charge of your health, activate your own healing power, and learn how to effectively use the tools of Classical Chinese Medicine and other body-mind practices to maximize your well-being, you are in the right place. I invite you to make an appointment here.

Being Here, Now—with Ruby Slippers and The Force.
My son recently posted a cartoon that cracked me up...and touched my heart. The single drawing portrays a dog in a suit doing a TED Talk. The presentation slide in the background is zoomed in on a tail; the dog offers that, perhaps, what his fellow dogs in the audience have been chasing for a lifetime has been part of them all along.

We move at a rapid pace, physically and mentally. We work long hours— faster, harder. It's quite easy to become overly stressed and burdened, leading to feeling tired, sick, in pain, unclear or uncertain. Two steps forward, one step back, our body, mind and spirit get out of alignment with each other. It's understandable that we may lose touch with who we truly are and what we really want.

Thankfully, just as many iconic metaphors remind us, the resources we need and the way back to ourselves are with us always. It's simply a matter of tuning in, reconnecting, developing an understanding of what we need, and discovering how best use what we've got. And we've got a lot.

It's a great time to take charge of your well-being
My practice is your practice. It's one of noticing, discovering, practicing and integrating.
I'm here to support you with wisdom, compassion and encouragement.
Essential information and a nourishing experience await you.
Thank you for visiting. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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