Margot Rossi, M.Ac., Licensed  Acupuncturist—Comprehensive Healthcare —Medical Counseling

Did you know you are your best medicine?
Each of us has the possibility to lead a happy, healthy life. Health challenges can motivate us to seek support, develop our resources and engage in a process that restores our well-being. I offer insight, education, encouragement and a variety of tools from Asian medicine to help you connect to your experience and activate your internal pharmacy and your inherent ability to heal.

Why my guidance is a valuable asset
I'm passionate about empowering my patients to maximize their well-being. Based on my extensive clinical training and experience in Asian medicine of over 25 years, I have resolute confidence in the medicine's ability to support your capacity to heal. My awareness and understanding of a wide range of available healthcare modalities provides a unique and beneficial service as you consider making the most effective and safest healthcare choices for yourself. Thanks to my rapport with the medical providers in our area, I am happy to collaborate with your doctor to provide you the best care possible.

To make an appointment, please click here or call 828-536-9030.

What I offer
My comprehensive services include:
Medical Counseling
Therapeutic Movement
Mindfulness Practices
Food Therapy
Lifestyle Strategies
Medicinal Essential Oils
Massage (Thai Yoga or acupressure)
Botanical Medicine*

Location, Location, Location
My main office is in the beautiful South Toe Valley at The Celo Health Center,116 Seven Mile Ridge Road, Burnsville, NC. Click here to make an appointment or call 828-536-9030. I am available world-wide for consultation via email or video/audio call. See my booking site to book a tele-consultation.

* Counseling and botanical medicine are based on Eastern Medicine principles